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MASCOT Fights for SmokeFree Air

MASCOT Reviews SF Tobacco Product Placement Ordinance -- March 2002

MASCOT Members Urge Teen Tobacco Possession Law -- Feb. 2001

MASCOT Alerts Albuquerque of Tobacco Shop Near Local High School

MASCOT Highlights Illegal Tobacco Sales to Youth

MASCOT Coordinates Local Kick Butts Day Activities

Albuquerque's Tobacco Products Ordinance
MASCOT is currently educating the Albuquerque community about the Tobacco Products Ordinance. This legislation restricts self-service tobacco displays and requires vendor-assisted tobacco sales in most stores. Locations that do not allow entry to individuals under age 18 unless accompanied by a parent are exempt [details]. This bill passed the full Albuquerque Cty Council October 5, 1998 [summary]. The ordinance became effective on December 28, 1998.

In April 1999, the Albuquerque Fire Department conducted a retailer study to assess the impact of the Tobacco Products Ordinance. MASCOT provides a summary report for readers [here].

Tobacco Product Ordinance Literature
MASCOT published an education brochure that was distributed to over 350 local tobacco retailers. Hard copies of MASCOT's brochure may be obtained by contacting the Fire Marshal's office at 505.888.8124. Click here for a PDF copy of the brochure, (file size= 119K). For the legislative copy of the ordinance, visit the Albuquerque City Council's Web site. [A free PDF reader may be obtained at Adobe's Web Site -- GO Adobe]

Tobacco Product Ordinance Events
MASCOT representatives spoke at the City Council meeting when Bill No O-25 was introduced. Approximately ten supporters attended that meeting on August 3rd.

MASCOT representatives spoke at the Finance and Government Operations Committee meeting on August 24, 1998, and garnered many supporters to attend that meeting, call their city councilors, and write letters to committee members (August 24, 1998).

MASCOT representatives also spoke on October 5th, the night the legislation was passed by the entire Council. Approximately 75 members were in attendance that night.

Bernalillo County Commissioners Endorse MASCOT
On November 4, 1997 as part of MASCOT's Great American Smoke Out campaign, the Bernalillo Board of County Commissioners honored MASCOT's efforts with an endorsement of the groups mission and goals [see proclamation].

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