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Study Shows Kids Still Bombarded with Tobacco Advertising

Hollywood Stars Encourage Youngsters to Smoke

MASCOT Members Urge Teen Tobacco Possession Law -- Feb. 2001

Perception That Secondhand Smoke Is Dangerout to Others Deters Teen smoking

California Anti-Smoking Program Saves an Estimated 30,000 Lives

Cheaper Cigarettes Attacked
State senator Joe Carraro questioned Monday why eight northern pueblos will receive more than $144,000 to fight smoking while some of the pueblos sell cigarettes at a discount. "There's no way to combat the destruction of smoking when you're selling cigarettes that cheaply," Carraro said. Tribes and pueblos do not have to charge the 21 cents-per-pack state cigarette tax. Carraro and other members of the legislative Tobacco Settlement Committee looked Monday at a list of programs that will receive $2.2 million from the state Health Department in the next few weeks. Eight Northern Indian Pueblos Inc. will receive $144,355 for a program aimed at cutting smoking and other tobacco use at communities in the eight pueblos.

Source: Albuquerque Journal (Aug 29, 2000)
by Wren Propp / Journal Capitol Bureau

Researchers Find Three-quarters of Smokers Want to Quit
"I don't think everyone realizes how much shame there still is in smoking, in trying to quit and failing," says Mary Ella Douglas, director of training at the American Lung Association's Virginia chapter, and developer of the ALA's new Web-based course. "Now, people can take one of our clinics anonymously, and consult us whenever they need to."

Testimony Links Lung Cancer And Smoking
Dr. David Burns from the University of California's medical school reported that lung cancer became an epidemic 20 years after the invention of machines that mass-produces cigarettes.

Smoking Reduction Law Passed in Durango
On Septemter 15, 1998, the Durango City Council voted 4-1 to enact a law regulating the advertising, sale and access of tobacco products to minors.

FDA and New Mexico Team Up To Enforce Smoking Reduction Laws
The New Mexico Department of Health will conduct approximately 5,500 unannounced retail compliance checks to ensure tobacco is not being sold to individuals under the age of 18.

American Cancer Society Launches $5 Million Ad Campaign
The ACS is running a series of TV ads to "expose the lies" it says Big Tobacco used to fight a multibillion-dollar settlement in Congress this past year. [story]

American Lung Association Features Online Action Plan For Quitting
The American Lung Association just published its "Commit to Quit Action Plan" on its web site. The plan is designed to help the 70% of smokers who want to quit by providing information on how to prepare to quit, how medications can help them quit and how to remain smokefree.

Albuquerque City Council Backs Smoking Reduction Bill
A local effort to move tobacco products behind store counters and out of the reach of children is moving toward City Council approval. The bill [O-25] passed the council's Finance and Government Operations Committee by a 4-1 vote August 25, 1998.

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