Tobacco Products Ordinance Easy to Implement - Costs Retailers Little
On December 28, 1998, the Albuquerque ordinance requiring most tobacco retailers to remove self-service tobacco displays in stores and to assist in all tobacco transactions went into effect. Between April 1 and April 10, 1999, the Albuquerque Fire Marshall's office conducted the first inspection of 39 stores (nine were no longer in operation). At this time, the inspectors held detailed and indepth interviews with managers and clerks about the ease and costs associated with transitioning to the new requirements. MASCOT provides a summary report of the Fire Marshall's findings.

Costs for Remodeling or Refitting
Retailers responded to the study stating that the cost to the store for remodelling or refitting checkout counters or store aisles in order to comply with the Tobacco Products Ordiances were, in general, less than $100. The illustration below shows the distribution of responses.

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