Tobacco Road -- Full Service Smoke Shop Opens Near Manzano High School
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Tobacco Road Image

Although underage smoking is a significant problem in Albuquerque, a full service tobacco store recently opened next to Manzano High School.

Investigative Commentary by
Scott Goold, MASCOT member

Tobacco Road image
Tobacco Road shown here with Manzano HS in near background. At the time of photo, the school's day session was ending. Students are seen driving by. One student car is turning into the parking lot (far right).
Tobacco Road provides a convenient drive up window to facilitate tobacco purchases. These two cars appeared to be from the Manzano High School population.
The occupant in this car came from the Manzano High School parking lot. The driver is a young male. It was difficult for me to determine whether he was of legal age to purchase tobacco. The Tobacco Road sales attendant asked to see the ID of the young man. He produced an ID, the attendant inspected the ID, and the tobacco sale was concluded.

My camera and visit attracted the attention of the Tobacco Road manager, Paul Franke. We had a lengthy discussion about his store, the management's policies and their philosophy on tobacco sales to youth.

The Tobacco Road facility has a double-door entrance. The store requires all visitors to be at least 18 years of age unless accompanied by an adult. Mr. Franke says they are extremely strict about the age restriction. They fully comply with city and state regulations regarding the sale of tobacco products.

Mr. Franke invited me to make a detailed inspection of the premises and offered me the opportunity to meet with owner, Michael Wiener. I was impressed by the professional attitude of Mr. Franke. While I do not believe the location of the facility is in the best interest of the community, I do appreciate the attention Tobacco Road management gives to the various tobacco sales regulations.