NonCompliance with Tobacco Sales Laws Significant Problem In Albuquerque
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Underage smokers in Albuquerque Source of Images: KOB-TV, Ch. 4

Underage smoking is a significant problem in Albuquerque as well as across the nation.

In fact, underage smoking is currently at a 19-year high. One reason is the ease that underage smokers can purchase cigarettes and tobacco products. The New Mexico Department of Public Safety (DPS) reports that convenience stores and gas stations are some of the worst offenders.

Conroy Chino, KOB-TV "4 Wants To Know" conducted an investigative report of illegal tobacco sales in Albuquerque during November 1998. MASCOT provides a pictorial summary of Mr. Chino's enlightening work.

Circle Sam's store Circle Sam
11928 Candelaria Rd NE,
known violator of the law
Agent enters KOB-TV's
17 year old Secret Agent
enters the suspect location
Hidden view View from KOB-TV's
Secret Agent
special hidden camera
Clerk offers cigs Clerk offers pack
of cigarettes
to KOB-TV's agent
Clerk completes transaction Agent hands clerk money
and completes the
illegal transaction
Shows illegal purchase Agent shows illegal
purchase to Conroy Chino
outside of store
Chino confront clerk Conroy Chino enters
Circle Sam to confront
store clerk
Clerk denies sale Circle Sam's clerk
denies he made
any tobacco sale
Chino shows video Chino allows clerk to
review video taken from
agent's hidden camera
busted! Busted! Live and
on camera, the clerk
is caught in a lie
Interview with DPS agent Conroy Chino interviews
DPS agent. Circle Sam
has been busted before
MASCOT asks illegal sales to stop MASCOT asks Circle Sam
to stop selling tobacco
to underage teens