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Charlie's Angels Reviewed
Advertised as "a high-octane, high tech update that brings the show from the 1970s into the new millennium," this 2000 action movie features the sexy trio of Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu. The MPAA rates this film "PG-13" for "action violence, innuendo and some sensuality/nudity."

Some consider this an empowering "chick-flick" that manifests some positive female roles, yet MASCOT has never reviewed such a blantant smoking-imagery movie. All "bad" or rebellious characters use cigarettes and smoking to enhance their performance.
Charlie's Angels

Angels in Action: Beautiful, Sexy and Super
Three angels in a row
Background of the Angels
Natalie and Alex
The movie portrays Natalie as the slightly goofy, but extremly bright Angel;
Alex is the rich, sophisticated one...
It is Dylan (shown below) who is the rebellious Angel.
This scene opens with her smoking in the school bathroom.
She walks over to the security monitor and gives those watching the "finger."
In a boot camp setting, she shows her disgust for authority figures --
Resulting in Dylan "punching out" her sergeant and stomping out.
Peddling Soft Porn
Dylan, Drew Barrymore (below), uses her sex appeal to distract a male chauffeur.
She giggles as she notices her top has come unbuttoned; but leaves a lasting impression
with the driver by giving his steering wheel a lucious, intimate kiss.
Sexy Dylan scenes

Natalie, Cameron Diaz (below), plays a sweet, but sexy, girl-next-door.
She entertains the audience with a 70s disco workout in her underwear.
Hearing the door bell, she rushes to see who is there -- forgetting about her attire.
She leaves the UPS delivery man speechless with her suggestion, "You know,
I signed the release paper so you can just feel free to stick things in my slot." Sexy Natalie scenes

Smoking Scenes
Throughout this movie, beginning with a young Dylan smoking in school bathroom,
the bad, or rebellious characters, smoke. These are deliberate, calculated rituals.
The frames below sample the first appearance of Bad Guy #1, who constantly smokes.
First bad guy smoking scenes

Dylan (below) becomes romantically involved with the man the Angels are protecting.
In the second segment, he "transforms" to a bad guy and begins smoking.
In the final frame, Bad Guy #2 emphasizes the smoking image.
Nice guy turns bad

As the plot intensifies, we see Bad Guy #1 (below) in background smoking.
Bad Guy #2 is shown eating a strawberry while holding a cigarette.
In frame three, Bad Guy #2 verbally assaults Dylan and then throws his cigarette at her.
Nice guy turns bad

Bad Guy #2 (below) lines up Dylan in the sights of his gun.
In frame two, he shoots her, which knocks her through the window.
He holsters his gun in a manner that would make the Marlboro Man proud.
Shooting Dylan