MASCOT Supports Attorney General's Ban on Tobacco Billboard Advertising
As part of the negotiated settlement between the State of New Mexico and the tobacco industry this past November, tobacco billboard advertising ended as of April 22, 1999.

No longer will our children be forced to view these product solicitations. No longer will our horizons be obstructed by these messages that encourage unhealthy practices.

Before the Ban

After the Ban

cancer ad

healthy ad

The Attorney General's office released a public statement asking citizens to assist with the enforcement of this ban. The office reported that they do not have the personnel to inspect the hundreds of billboards across the state. Therefore, they provided a toll-free number and asked citizens to report any billboards that not in compliance with this new regulation.

On Monday, April 26th, MASCOT representative, Scott Goold, reported the billboard located at the corner of Montgomery and Eubank here in Albuquerque. The sign still contains an advertisement for the Legend brand of cigarettes. MASCOT finds this unacceptable.

Giant cigarette ad

As of May 3rd, Giant removed the above billboard ad. If you find a billboard that is currently not in compliance, please call the New Mexico Attorney General's office, Consumer Protection division, at 1.800.678.1508.

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