MASCOT Reviews El Paso's Clean Indoor Air Ordinance


Beginning on January 2, 2002, a new clean indoor air ordiance became effective within the City of El Paso, Texas. This recently enacted ordinance has received a great deal of coverage in the El Paso media, as well as across America. In 2001, the El Paso City Council (shown below) took decisive action to rid indoor air from the many toxic substances contained in cigarette smoke.
El Paso Council El Paso Council El Paso Council

By banning smoking in restaurants and bars, the council gave El Paso one of the strongest clean air ordinances in the nation. The council did this in recognition of the growing evidence regarding the harmful effects of secondhand smoke, which contains 4,000 chemicals and at least 40 known carcinogens. MASCOT applauds the courageous leadership exhibited by the El Paso Council, their city leaders and the citizens. We have compiled the ordinance here for you to review. You may also visit the City of El Paso web site using the links listed at the bottom of this page.

Congratulations, El Paso!


9.50.010 Purpose.
9.50.020 Definitions.

9.50.030 Prohibition of smoking in public places.
9.50.040 Prohibition of smoking in places of employment.
9.50.050 Additional declaration of nonsmoking establishment.
9.50.070 Application of article to city-owned facilities.

9.50.080 Private and public places.

9.50.090 Posting of signs.

9.50.100 City-county health and environmental district program.

9.50.110 Enforcement.
9.50.120 Nonretaliation.
9.50.130 Violations and penalties.
9.50.140 Other applicable laws.
9.50.150 Severability.
9.50.160 Effective date.

*Note to Chapter 9.50
* Prior ordinance history: Ord. 8869, 10787 and 13152 53.
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